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Embassy Address:

41, Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057



Contact No.

+91 11 26152228

Fax No.

+91 11 26152227


About Destination

Azerbaijan, the land of fire! One of Azerbaijan's most famous sites is Yanar Dağ (or “Burning Mountain“), a natural glowing fire burning on a hillside along the Caspian Sea. True to its name, the mountain has been blazing for at least 65 years!

Apply for Visa
Tourist Visa:
  • Scan copy of Passport (a validity period of a passport or other travel document should exceed a validity period of an expected visa at least by 3 months).
  • Scan color photographs (3 x 4 cm, white background).
  • A copy of travel ticket.
  • A copy of accommodation booking.
Tourist Visa Fee (Including Embassy Fee, Service Charges & All Taxes):

Single Entry (Normal Process) : ₹ 3499.00

Single Entry (Fast Process) : ₹ 5499.00

Business Visa:

Multiple Entries visa is granted to foreigners traveling to Azerbaijan for business, scientific work, education, employment, culture, sports, humanitarian, medical and private purposes.

  • An invitation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan (letter is valid only for one month. Invitations are processed in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan).
  • Application form.
  • Passport or other travel document (a validity period of a passport or other travel document should exceed a validity period of an expected visa at least by 3 months, passport should have at least one un-used page for the visa) and copies of their main pages.
  • Two color photographs (3 x 4 cm, white background) matching with biometric identification requirements.
  • HIV Test Certificate (to be obtained from any competent hospital, in English and with validity of 1 month. The Embassy has not authorized any hospital for the certificate. The certificate should cover at least duration of validity of visa).
  • A copy of travel ticket.
  • A copy of medical insurance certificate (if a host does not undertake to pay for medical services).
  • Document (receipt) certifying payment of a state duty for visa issuance.
  • Application submitted by a party inviting a foreigner and a stateless person to the Republic of Azerbaijan which is approved by an appropriate authority of the executive power.
  • A document proving the purpose of an invitation (purpose of visit, duration of stay, category (single entry, multiple entry or transit).
  • Permanent address and residence address of applicant in Azerbaijan.
  • In case of MINOR: A notarized copy of a birth certificate, a permission of parents or a legitimate representative and copies of identification documents are required for issuance of visa to foreigners and stateless persons under 18 holders of a passport travelling without his/her parent or a legitimate representative.
  • For persons invited by a non-governmental organizations, a copy of the certificate on state registration is required.


For persons applying for education visa, following documents are required:

  • A copy of contract with receiving institution.
  • A bank certified document that the person has sufficient funds for boarding, lodging his/her expenses including education in Azerbaijan (when the education is not financed by the country of citizenship or country of permanent residence).


For persons traveling for medical treatment

  • Document certifying that the invited person has any disease to be examined or treated in Azerbaijan is required.


For persons invited by private persons following documents are required:

  • Copy of receiving person’s ID.
  • Invitation letter by receiving person.
  • Bank certified document for all expenses in Azerbaijan.
Business Visa Fee (Including Embassy Fee, Service Charges & All Taxes):

₹ 29099.00

Processing Time:

Normal Process : 3-4 Working Days

Fast Process :Within 6 Hrs..

Multiple Entries : 5 to 15 working Days


All submitted documents must be current and complete (in English). The incomplete documents submitted for the visa application may cause the application to be rejected. The Consulate General has the right to request additional documents when it deems necessary.  Presenting of the above documents does not guarantee that the visa will be granted. The Consulate General reserves the right to refuse application without any explanation. There is no refund possibility in any circumstances. All forms and documents must be prepared and presented separately for each person (including family members or any group). The information provided here is a general guideline.

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